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Magic YUV + Adobe Apps + other soft with internal encoders.  


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31/05/2018 3:34 pm  

Greetings to all.
There is a problem about which and with which many users are fighting:
How to make commercial AV software (Adobe AE, Adobe PP and others) output its media streams to the user's encoder? And the MagicYUV forum is asking the same questions. Immediately make a reservation that I am not a developer or a programmer, but I dare to suggest a variant of circumvention of the above-mentioned limitations.
It's about the FREE product Pismo Technic Inc. - Pismo File Mount Audit Package (, in the capabilities of which one of the following is stated:
- On the fly media format conversion:
Video and audio can be dynamically converted to an alternate format and used by any media player or processing program.

Based on this technology, the AVFS (Avisynth File System) product is developed, discussed here (
I see this myself as a kind of "data-waiting" file, which, when initiated, writes the MagicYUV encoder (for example, magicyuv.avi). We launch such a machine as Adobe Media Encoder, select Save As Uncompressed AVI and specify the file "magicyuv.avi", which is under the control of "Pismo mounter". Pismo mounter somehow transfers control to MagicYUV and we get the encoded MagicYUV on the output AVI and further "our hands are untied". I would like to address to dear Balázs for consideration of variants of such realization of the MagicYUV encoder.

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31/05/2018 4:19 pm  

Thanks for your insights, in fact this - ie. virtual file system based compression - is something I have been considering for years (it came up as an idea to me way back in 2014 or so), we even did a test on Linux using FUSE and it kinda worked. We never really got to complete the project or make a product out of it, but it's something to look into in the future.

As of right now what I'm looking into is plugin development, specifically for Adobe products first and others later.

QuickTime Classic really got shoved into the furnace recently as Adobe completely dumped it, and it will be eradicated forever from macOS as well soon when they ditch 32-bit support from it. So the QuickTime component is a dead-end.

VFW is also inadequate in many aspects, the lack of color management being the biggest pain point there. It works fine as long as you take care and know what you're doing, but it can really bite you in various ways.

Having application specific plugins is one way of solving these issues.

So there are various stuffs in the works right now, it just takes time...

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31/05/2018 4:45 pm  

Thanks for your reply. We'll wait.