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[Solved] MagicYuv 2.0.0rc1 corrupt my file because is very big?


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MagicYuv 2.0.0rc1 has corrupted my file because is very big? My file is 98.8 GB and if I try to play the video with mpc or with vegas pro 14 there is a crash... If I try bandifix the software tell me that avi file is not corrupted... For example If I play another file around at 60 GB I can play it without problems. Is it possible fix this problem? I don't wanna lost this file... I am using bandicam with your codec.

That is weird, but someone else also reported a similar problem. It's surely unrelated to the codec I believe, but rather the muxing of the AVI. Try opening with VirtualDub, and see what it sais and get back to me how it went.

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So we solved the issue with Cloudstrifeff7, this is just a summary of what was the problem.

First, the AVI created by Bandicam was incorrect, it had a corrupt index entry for the very first frame, pointing to a random location inside the file. This caused programs to present garbage data to the codec, which made it crash.

I couldn't find any program which could fix the index for an AVI with multiple audio tracks. ffmpeg cannot be told to ignore the index, DivFix++ croaks on large files, mencoder cannot handle multiple audio tracks, AVIMaster was still working after 2 hours.

So instead I fixed the codec to check more thoroughly if it gets garbage. This makes the first frame unreadable, but programs simply ignore it then.

The fix will be included in 2.0.0rc2.

Apart from this, Bandicam should also probably be fixed, as it creates a bad index for the first frame when recording large files.

It looks like Bandicam's recent update has fixed this issue.

That is good news. Do you have any links where this is mentioned?

"Specific data of large AVI files was broken (Around 150 GB or bigger files)" 😀


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VirtualDub crash too...  Check my screenshot

Thanks, this indicates a crash/bug in the codec. Do you see any possible way to transfer the file to me (maybe 7zip it first, then upload somewhere)?

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Ok, I'll send you my video. I have 20 megabit in upload so you will have the file after. 🙂 I recorded a gameplay for my youtube channel so I hope that you will able to fix this bug and my file. xD Now I am using 7zip, after upload. is ok for you?

Everything is OK, if it has a link. You can send it in private through the Contant form on the site.

(Use the "Add comment" button BTW to add a comment, rather than an answer. The forum engine is quirky, I know...)

How's the upload going?

I used contact form for give you 3 links with 12 parts. After I will give you other links for other 11 parts. Total 23 parts. You can download for the moment 12 parts. 🙂