MagicYUV Lossless Video Codec

A high-performance, ultra-fast, mathematically lossless video codec for recording, archiving, post-production and editing at high resolutions.

Lossless video codec for 4k and beyond…


Let’s Play!

Record your gameplay at insane resolutions and framerates in absolute quality without the CPU even noticing it’s working.

Works with popular game recording software like Dxtory and MSI Afterburner.

Record and capture

Quality from the start

If you care about stunning visuals, crippled, lossy source is a no-go!
Record uncompressed quality video in 4k and above at the fraction of it’s size without the need for expensive specialized hardware.

The codec of choice for lossless capture in popular streaming and production software vMix.

Editing and post-production

4k editing like a breeze

Stop wasting your time waiting on the timeline. With MagicYUV’s ultrafast decoder, seek times are instant, and you can have peace of mind that quality will remain bit-by-bit identical to the original. Generation loss is a thing of the past…

Professionals and hobbyists alike use MagicYUV for the most demanding video editing tasks.


“Making the world a better place”

Researchers are always a step ahead of the world.
The MagicYUV Codec and SDK enables researchers to capture and process video at the highest possible resolutions and framerates, in regular and in deep-color bit-depths, keeping every bit of the information intact.

Accelerating research at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology – Ecology and Evolution Lab.

Get in touch and tell us about your project!


Creating the next big thing…

The MagicYUV SDK gives developers direct access to the speed and efficiency of the MagicYUV codec. With an easy-to-use C API and unmatched versatility of pixel-format support on all major platforms: Windows, Linux and macOS.

The limits are only your imagination!

Get in touch to discuss how we can accelerate your product.

A practical codec you can use Today!

MagicYUV is not just for the “Big Players” using specialized systems and expensive hardware. It is a codec for everyone to be used on everyday desktop computers.

  • Works out-of-the-box with popular video editing software, through Video For Windows or QuickTime interface.
  • VideoLAN VLC plugin for cross-platform playback and viewing of MagicYUV encoded video files.
  • Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects for direct import and export, supporting 10bit+ color depth.
  • Plugin for MAGIX Vegas Pro 17-21 for direct import and export, supporting 10bit+ color depth.
  • Encoder plugin for DaVinci Resolve Studio, supporting 10bit+ color depth (Windows, Ultimate Edition only).


Adobe plugins
Vegas Pro plugins
DaVinci Resolve Studio encoder plugin
Video For Windows codec (32/64 bit)
QuickTime component
VLC decoder plugin (32/64 bit)
Software Development Kit


Adobe plugins
QuickTime component
VLC decoder plugin (64 bit)
Software Development Kit


VLC decoder plugin (32/64 bit)
Software Development Kit

Unmatched speed in both encoding and decoding

MagicYUV has been designed for speed from the ground up and to fully support multi-threaded encoding and decoding.
This makes MagicYUV one of the fastest lossless video codecs of it’s kind.

Chart by Visualizer

Chart by Visualizer

Test setup: Intel Core i7-4720HQ locked at 2.57 GHz, 16GB RAM
MagicYUV settings: Interpolate when downsampling: ON, Threads: 8, Comp. method: Median
UTVideo settings: Threads: 8, Predict median
Lagarith settings: Use multithreading: ON

But don’t just take our word for it. See our detailed description of our benchmarking method and run the benchmark yourself: Video codec benchmarking done right

Packed with features

Mathematically lossless

Unlike visually lossless codecs, MagicYUV is mathematically lossless, meaning that the decompressed output is bit-by-bit identical to the original input.

This means there is no generation loss. You can re-compress the same clip over and over as many times as you want without quality degradation.

Compressed formats

MagicYUV offers a variety of compressed formats to choose from with built-in high quality and fast conversion for ease of use.

YUVA 4:4:4:4
YUV 4:4:4
YUV 4:2:2
YUV 4:2:0
YUV 4:0:0 (greyscale)
YUV 4:4:4
YUV 4:2:2
YUV 4:2:0
YUV 4:0:0 (greyscale)

Input/output formats

MagicYUV supports a wide array of input/ouput pixel formats for maximum compatibility with applications.

YV24, I444
YV12, I420, IYUV
Y8, Y800, GREY
and many more…
r210, R10k, b48r, b64a
v210, P210, I2AL
and many more…

Accelerate your workflow
Get started with MagicYUV today!

Latest release: MagicYUV 2.4.0Changelog here
Release date: 2023.12.06.

8 bit color depth
10/12/14 bit color depth
Vegas Pro plugin
Adobe plugin
DaVinci Resolve Studio encoder plugin (Windows)
Download Trial:
Windows - macOS - Linux
8 bit color depth
Vegas Pro plugin
Adobe plugin
Download Trial:
Windows - macOS - Linux

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What MagicYUV users have to say…

[MagicYUV] is now widely recognised as the fastest lossless codec for video editing. Enables realtime 4k editing on an average PC.

FishyAl at HitFilm Forums

On the strength of a little testing, this codec really is magic! […] Unless I run into problems, I think this will be my intermediate of choice now.

Nick Hope at Vegas Forums

[MagicYUV] Codec is very fast decoding. Like editing heaven fast.

Aladdin4d at HitFilm Forums

This codec gives me goddamn awesome fps rates when recording with Afterburner games. […] Awesome codec which performs hellish fast at recording games while having an excellent compression.

De-M-oN at Doom9 Forums

…and why haven’t I heard of this MagicYUV before. This thing is a beast.

Malix at ExKode Forums

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