Change log


Released: 2023.12.06.

  • NEW: DaVinci Resolve Studio encoder plugin (Ultimate Edition and Windows only)
  • Vegas Pro plugin: Fixed various issues
  • Vegas Pro plugin: Added support for Vegas Pro 19/20/21
  • Vegas Pro plugin: Improved decoding performance for certain pixel formats


Released: 2021.11.15.

  • NEW: Vegas Pro plugin: Installer now installs the plugin for Vegas Pro 19.


Released: 2020.10.27.

  • FIX: Vegas Pro plugin: Fixed a crash at the end of rendering long projects.


Released: 2020.09.21.

  • NEW: MagicYUV plugin for Vegas Pro 17/18.
  • NEW: New codec variant: 10-bit YUV 4:2:0.
  • FIX: Fixed incorrect video length of certain AVI files when imported into Adobe software through the plugin (particularly files recorded by vMix).
  • FIX: Minor Adobe plugin improvements: better error handling/reporting (like disk full, etc.).


Released: 2019.10.30.

  • NEW: MagicYUV MediaCore plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


Released: 2019.07.11.

  • NEW: Added v308, v408 pixel format support (YUV 4:4:4).
  • NEW: Added 10-bit YUV 4:4:4 compressed format.
  • FIX: Core: Fixed a bug that prevented encoding of 16-bit planar RGB pixel formats.


Released: 2018.03.12.

This is the long awaited final 2.0.0 release which fixes some last-minute bugs and adds a plugin for VLC 3.0.x. Apart from that it is identical to 2.0.0rc2.

  • FIX: Core: Fixed a bug for YUY2/UYVY -> YUV 4:0:0 encoding, which resulted in data corruption under certain circumstances.
  • FIX: Core: Fixed a bug for YUV 4:0:0 -> Y8 decoding for odd resolutions.
  • FIX: Core: Added an additional check when decoding corrupt/invalid data, which could have crashed the codec.
  • NEW: Added a decoder plugin for VLC 3.0.x.


Released: 2017.03.21.

This is a bugfix release fixing issues with some recorder programs and BattlEye.

  • FIX: Core: Added decoder checks against invalid data which caused the codec to crash. This happened if the decoder received garbage data when opening invalid AVI files produced by some recorder programs (most notably Bandicam).
  • FIX: Windows/VFW: The codec DLL is now signed, allowing BattlEye to whitelist it. This will fix the issue of not being able to use the codec for recording in BattlEye-protected programs shortly (please allow some time for the whitelisting to be put in place).


Released: 2016.12.14.

A major new release marking a new beginning. Complete refactoring of the code, major performance boost for both encoding/decoding, usability improvements and the first official release with deep color encoding support, among many other changes.

  • NEW: Windows/VFW: Codec variant (RGB, YUV 4:2:0, etc.) is now a top-level selection, introducing new fourcc codes for each, simplifying and making the encoded format clearer to see
  • NEW: Windows/VFW: Removed the “Conversion” setting, it is handled by the codec variant automatically
  • NEW: Windows/VFW: Number of threads can now be specified separately for encoding and decoding
  • NEW: Windows/VFW: Global setting to ignore settings from client application
  • IMPROVED: Windows/VFW: Simplified the encode settings dialog
  • IMPROVED: Core: Major improvements of various encoding functions, overall 30-50% faster than the previous release
  • IMPROVED: Core: Added AVX2 support: compiler-only for now, specific AVX2 routines are yet to be written
  • IMPROVED: Core: Improved downsampling performance, so RGB -> YUV4:2:2/4:2:0 encoding speed is faster
  • IMPROVED: Core: Improved various decoding functions, better performance overall
  • IMPROVED: All: Lots of smaller fixes and refactorings


Released: 2016.10.21.

A Windows-only update, this is a bugfix release which fixes a crash in rare circumstances which was caused by the tray icon. It appeared while using the codec with Adobe Premiere in it’s Save As dialog with MagicYUV-encoded files in the folder, during thumbnail generation (though it could have affected other programs as well). Thanks to Bill Mountney for reporting and helping to track down the issue.

  • FIX: Windows/VFW: Fixed a rare crash caused by the tray icon, affecting Adobe Premiere and possibly other programs.


Released: 2016.10.13.

A Windows-only update, providing a workaround for inefficient AVI writing by certain apps (most notably Dxtory, the relevant forum topic is here:, so you should see better disk performance there. It also has some minor tweaks which should help with smart-rendering in editor programs.

  • WORKAROUND: Windows/VFW: Encoded frames are now padded to be an even number of bytes, this fixes slow write speeds of encoded frames by Dxtory and possibly other apps.


Released: 2015.08.25.

A new release with lots of new features, bugfixes and performance improvements! And now you you have the ability to show your appreciation and support! Thank you in advance!

  • FIX: Windows/VFW: Fixed a null-frame decoding bug which produced incorrect decoding behavior when the encoded video contained null-frames.
  • FIX: Windows/VFW: Fixed the codec crashing in TMPGEnc (codec settings reset request was not handled correctly).
  • FIX: Windows/VFW: Fixed a crash when the codec was unloaded and reloaded to the same application (incorrect tray icon handling).
  • IMPROVED: Improved encoding speed by 10-20% by further optimizing certain parts of the encoder.
  • NEW: QuickTime: Split the single QT component to smaller components based on color space, also implemented different QT encoding API. This makes QT encoding/decoding more predictable and increases compatibility (BM Fusion for example works now correctly)
  • NEW: Windows/VFW: Added codec logging to log files. Very useful for troubleshooting various issues (ex. color-space negotiation with application, performance, etc.).
  • NEW: Core: Added optional interpolation when downsampling/converting during encoding (default: ON). This fixes the color conversion issue reported when recording certain games.
  • REMOVED: Windows/VFW: Removed “Adaptive coding” setting, it is now always on.


Released: 2015.02.25.

This is a major new release with new platform and application support. The codec now officially supports Linux (with VLC decoder plugins) and Mac OS X (with QuickTime encoder/decoder component and VLC decoder plugin) as well as adds a QuickTime encoder/decoder component and VLC plugins for Windows.

As these components are very new, bugreports are welcome! Please report any bugs you encounter through the contact options listed on the website.

  • MacOSX: Added QuickTime encoder/decoder component and VLC 2.1.x decoder plugin.
  • Linux: Added VLC 2.0.x/2.1.x/2.2.x 32/64-bit decoder plugins
  • Windows: Added QuickTime encoder/decoder component and VLC 2.1.x decoder plugin.
  • Windows/VFW: Feature: Added tray icons with tooltip to show basic information about current encode/decode process. Can be toggled from the global config dialog.
  • Windows/VFW: Fix: Fixed a rare crash with DxTory when recording at odd resolutions with conversion.
  • Core: Feature: Added support for I444 fourcc


Released: 2014.09.12.

As no critical bugs have been reported since the last release, 1.0rc5 has been re-branded as 1.0 final. No other changes have been made.

This can be considered a long-term-support release, meaning that all future versions of the codec are expected to decode all files created with this 1.0 release.


Released: 2014.09.02.

This is a bugfix only release for compatibility with MSI Afterburner, so this update is only needed for Afterburner users. The codec is at feature-freeze, only bugfixes are done before 1.0 final, which should be released in a week if no new bugs are reported.

  • Fix: Fixed a deadlock bug when the codec was selected in the MSI Afterburner Video capture tab causing the application to hang. This was caused by the application not properly unloading the codec DLL. The fix should work for other misbehaving applications as well (though Afterburner was the only one reported so far).
  • Workaround: The codec configuration dialog box OK button is replaced with “Save as default and Close” when it is shown from the MSI Afterburner Video capture setup. This is needed as Afterburner does not remember VFW codec settings at all, so the settings must be saved globally to the registry in this case.


Released: 2014.08.12.

This should be the final release before 1.0. This is primarily a bugfix release with some performance tweaks.

  • Fix: Fixed a serious decoder bug which could cause random crashes with certain programs. The fix works for all previously encoded files!
  • Improved: Overall decoder performance by 8-10% (mainly 64-bit, but the 32-bit variant should also see some improvement)
  • Improved: Memory handling, the codec now uses much less memory for both encoding/decoding. This is most noticeable when working with high-res (ex. 8k) files.
  • Feature: Added support for YUYV (duplicate of YUY2) and 2Vuy (duplicate of 2vuy) fourccs.


Released: 2014.06.12.

This is primarily a bugfix release with some minor new features.

  • Fix/Feature: RGBA encoding was completely broken, fixed to work correctly, tested with AE. A new option was needed however and is present in the encoder dialog called “Enable RGBA compression”. Make sure to read the tooltip in the dialog about how to use it.
  • Feature: Added option to suggest RGB first on output when decoding. This is useful if you want to keep material compressed in YUV but report it as RGB.
  • Feature: Added support for new fourccs: 2vuy, HDYC (same as UYVY) and IYUV (same as I420).
  • Fix: Fixed a bug which could cause a crash on very rare occasions during decoding. This only works for newly encoded videos!


Released: 2014.05.16.

Some minor features that I thought should still make it into 1.0.

  • Feature: Added support for the following formats: I420 (a variation of YV12)
  • Feature: Added settings to disable decoder-side conversions on a per-format/per-target basis. These are mainly to work-around Avisynth (for example compressed YV12 was always decoded by Avisynth as YV24, this can be prevented now).
  • Improved: Minor speed improvements on some CPUs (2-5%)


Released: 2014.04.28.

The planned features for 1.0 are complete.

  • Feature: Added encoder-side color space conversion to the following formats:
    • YUV 4:2:2
    • YUV 4:2:0
  • Feature: Added interlaced encoding option.
  • Feature: Added support for Full Range (0-255) YUV when converting to/from RGB formats.
  • Fix: Fixed some bugs with YUV->RGB conversion during decompression.

0.9.2 beta

Released: 2014.04.15.

This is primarily a feature release. Added new colorspaces, encoder-side color space conversion and selectable YUV color matrix support.

  • Feature: Added support for the following formats: YV24 (4:4:4 planar), Y8/Y800/GREY (4:0:0 greyscale), AYUV (YUV 4:4:4 with alpha interleaved).
  • Feature: Added encoder-side color space conversion (downsampling before compression). Currently the following conversions can be specified on the encoder side (more will come soon in the next release):
    • RGB32/RGB24 –> YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:0:0
    • RGBA –> YUV 4:4:4 with alpha
    • YV24 (YUV 4:4:4) –> YUV 4:0:0
    • YUY2, UYVY (YUV 4:2:2) –> YUV 4:0:0
    • YV12 (YUV 4:2:0) –> YUV 4:0:0
  • Feature: Added option to select YUV color matrix when encoding: Rec.601 and Rec.709. This information is saved in the encoded stream. It is used for RGB –> YUV compression and YUV –> RGB decompression.

0.9.1 beta

Released: 2014.03.31.

A major refactoring of the code base took place, allowing much faster and easier integration of support for new color spaces in the future.

  • Feature: Added option to encoding dialog to restrict the accepted input color space. This is useful to make sure you encode in the correct color space.
  • Improved: Overall encoding performance by 5-10% (depending on CPU type).
  • Improved: Overall decoding performance by 10-15% (depending on CPU type).
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility issues with Windows 8/8.1 64 bit.

0.9 alpha

Released: 2014.02.12.

  • First public release