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Corrupted file


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I'm using vMIX software. In record option default format is MagicYUV lossless video codec v 1.1, so i used default settings. During recording my computer suddenly rebooted. Now i can't open my video file ( it has 80 GB). I tried divfix, virtualdub, yodot avi repair, and many other applications., every of them don't recognize my video file. Any ideas, how to fix it?

Hi and welcome to the forums,

If you already tried the mentioned tools, there is not much else I can recommend. Without seeing the file it's impossible to tell what got corrupted in it. The only way now would be if you uploaded the file somewhere so I can take a look at it (you can use the contact form on the site to send a private link if needed).

Or something else to try still: you can try remuxing with ffmpeg, or see if ffmpeg can open it.