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Is it possible to upconvert to RGB with MagicYUV?

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This was asked by a member whose account got accidentally deleted:

Hello, I tried out the trial of MagicYUV in Vegas Pro 13. I have mixed media layered above each other on the timeline, 8 bit RGB image sequences with an alpha channel on top of an 8-bit RGB still image background. On top of all that I have some more tracks with 8-bit 4:2:0 video clips that have been keyed. I want to render the whole composite in 32 bit precision to reduce banding in glow effects I have added, even though my final output will be 8 bit lossless RGB. In Lagarith, this is super easy to do, and I have done this exact thing for years. However, I selected Magic YUV RGB and tried to render the composite but I get an error message. Is it not possible to render something with mixed formats (RGB, 4:2:0, 4:4:4, etc)?




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You mentioned having an alpha channel. If you need alpha, then select MagicYUV RGBA.

In any case, what is the exact error you're getting?