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MagicYUV 10bit YUV 4.2.2 use in Avisynth 2.6 MT

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I have been capturing 10 bit yuv as v410 or p210 uncompressed. Both can be read by VirtualDub FilterMod  and I usually transcode after with VirtualDub filtermod or FFmpeg  to 10 bit FFV1 yuv 4.4.4 or 4.4.2 lossless or V210 uncompressed that I can use in Premiere Pro or in Avisynth with FFvideosource.enable10bithack=true converting to stack16 and allowing me to do a hybrid 16/8 restore script and output as 16 bit stacked/interleaved or true 10bit to a final compressor as X264 .

With MagicYuv I can capture directly to compressed lossless 10 bit yuv 4.2.2 ( as the capture card streams P210 uncompressed) which is great but I have not found a way to load these files in avisynth ( standard 2.6 MT) or Premiere Pro . Also It seems I can´t transcode using FFmpeg.

My objective was to use these lossless 10 bit YUV as masters but also to use them directly if possible in Avisynth or Premiere and transcode when necessary using FFmpeg.


Is there a way to load  MagicYUV 10 bit 4.2.2 lossless files in Avisynth. Also any chance to load these files in premiere Pro CS6 and use FFmpeg to convert /transcode . Thanks in advance

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Did you try AvisynthPlus? It has proper 10bit+ color depth support and no longer requires the stacked hack. Support for a number of 10bit+ pixel formats through AviSource and DirectShowSource was also added, so it should be able read MagicYUV AVIs directly through those sources. 

Apart from that, recent versions of ffmpeg should have decoding support for MagicYUV, so recent versions of ffmpeg-based tools should be able to decode MagicYUV 10-bit directly.

About Premiere: AFAIK it cannot read any deep color format through VFW/AVI, only QuickTime maybe. Except hard-coded uncompressed formats of course like v210 in AVI.

VFern3 Topic starter 13/04/2017 9:54 pm

Thanks, I will give Avisynth+ and most recent FFmpeg versions a try.