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MagicYUV not encoding

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I was thinking about buying the Ultimate MYUV codec, but I wanted to try the trial out first to check if it was compatible. My usage of the codec would be lossless AE exports (through Adobe Media Encoder) and BMD Fusion renderings. When I attempted to export a Fusion composition (it uses QuickTime's codecs), it started giving me errors about "not being able to write the frames", eventhough (after enabling logging and retrying) MYUV didn't write any log / error. I tried using AME, succesfully (only with some presets). Apparently, it transcodes (from CineForm) with no issue, but it won't encode.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit; CPU: i5 4690K (tried both enabling and disabling the "CPU optimization" during installation)
I was wondering if I could solve this problem to be able to upgrade to the latest version of MYUV; if you need any additional information or test, just ask!


LionSpeck Topic starter 17/12/2016 5:54 pm

I tested the codec further, discovering that (on my machine) it won't transcode anything using higher than 8 bit presets. I exported a Fusion comp to CineForm AVI (so AME had to forcefully convert to QuickTime), 24 bit RGBA. I created one by one presets taken from CineForm ones (i double checked and no options were avoiding the codec to use 8+ bits per channel), replacing the codec with MYUV for each one and using different file names to identify the actual bit depth and color space. It turns out that all of the 8 bit exports worked just fine, while all of the others failed.


LionSpeck Topic starter 17/12/2016 5:55 pm

Here I'm providing the AME log with the errors.
I also tried again with Fusion to check if I was using a 10/12/14 bit output format, but I wasn't, so it seems to be a different kind of problem.

Balázs Balázs 17/12/2016 6:23 pm

AE and Fusion are actually two of the programs that I tested earlier to work in deep color through QuickTime, but AME was not in the picture and I'm not sure about that. I know AE needs some manual tweaking of some of it's XML files to correctly export deep color through MagicYUV, but Fusion should work just fine. I'll do some testing myself and get back to here. In the meantime, can you describe how the workflow looks like precisely (start to finish)?