[Solved] Playing MagicYUV files in VLC media player?  



VLC cannot decode and play videos I record in Dxtory using MagicYUV codec. I'd really like to make it work in VLC instead of windows media player, but I don't know how to  do this. Any help?

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Update to MagicYUV 2.0.0 final. The VLC 3.0.x plugin was not yet available for 2.0.0rc2 and was added for 2.0.0 final. You can read more about it here:

You can download the update from the same link you got when you purchased the rc2 version.

can you resend me the link again please? I lost it somehow

I resent the receipt. Check your spam folder too and get back to me if you received it.


You need to have the MagicYUV VLC plugin installed inside the VLC plugins folder. Install VLC to the default location, the re-install the MagicYUV codec. During installation, it will notify you of the VLC plugins being installed.

still does not work. I also tried both 32bit and 64bit vlc and it still can not play it.

Codec not supported:

VLC could not decode the format "M8Y2" (No description for this codec)

Could you verify the MagicYUV decoder plugin is loaded by VLC? To do so, go to "Tools -> Plugins and extensions" then in the dialog select the "Plugins" tab, and search for "MagicYUV video decoder".


I searched it in the plugins tab and I could not find it. How can I install the plugin for vlc? I also tried to reinstall magic yuv and vlc, nothing happend.

Where do you have VLC installed?

What version of VLC are you using?

What version of MagicYUV are you using?


vlc 3.0.3 and MagicYUV_Standard_v2.0.0rc2_win

vlc location C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC


i have win 10 64 bit


hey thank you! 

I downloaded MagicYUV_Standard_v2.0.0_win and it works!