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RGB32 (Bottom-up)?  


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15/02/2017 1:35 pm  

What does this really mean?

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15/02/2017 3:07 pm  

On Windows, uncompressed RGB32/RGB24 images are normally stored upside down (or bottom-up) in memory, unlike YUV images which are stored "normally" (top to bottom). However, applications/codecs have a way to request/propose uncompressed RGB images in both orientations, and they indicate this by the sign of the height. For RGB32/24 positive height means bottom-up orientation, negative height means normal (top-to-bottom) orientation.

In short, it's a technical detail, as both the app and codec know the orientation by looking at the sign of the height, and they will handle/display the image correctly, so the end user doesn't see any difference.

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