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Rebooting... done.

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Welcome to the new website!

It has been a bit too long of a silence, and many of you rightfully could have thought that MagicYUV got abandoned.

Well it didn't, and I'm really happy to announce MagicYUV 2.0 along with a complete reboot of the website. Not every launch is smooth, so don't be surprised if there are a few rough edges both on the site and in the 2.0 release of the codec.

This is why this forum was created, to have a place to discuss everything about the codec or video production in general, and to have an easily accessible place to have all your questions answered related to the codec.

I also hope the new site will serve as a central hub on efficient editing workflows and provide useful information for everyone doing video editing.

I hope you like the new site and give MagicYUV 2.0 a spin!

Posted : 14/12/2016 1:28 am