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Encoding Premiere Export  


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08/09/2020 1:29 pm  

So, i had to do a little editing recently with one of my recordings. Its a 2160p30 10bit file. Editing was easy but the problems start after the export. The exported file came out as 2160p30 10bit fine, it plays fine in a mediaplayer (MPC-HC).

But when i encode it to x265 (or x264) it comes out very choppy and basically unwatchable. This only happens when i export it with premiere. The original before edited file encoded to x265 comes out fine without the choppy playback. Encoding to x265 is done with MeGUI.

So now i don't really know where the problem comes from. But i'm thinking is most probably the premiere export, i just don't know how to fix it. Any thoughts on this?