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MagicYuv with the new A7S iii

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Hi, I've been using MagicYuv for quite a long time now and recently upgraded to the Ultimate Version.

I also just pre-ordered the A7S iii and was wondering what the best way to convert the H.264 (and or) H.265 files to MagicYuv while maintaining as much information as possible as well as improving post production workflow. I tried going into VirtualDub2 and converting it to 10 bit 422 as that is what the original files are recorded in, but was given an error. I'm able to do it via the After Effects renderer but I'm not seeing any bit depth specification for the 422 in the renderer unless im blind. 

If you'd like to check out the footage yourself to try and convert them with VDUB2 to try and help me you can download them from here:

It's shot in the all-i H.264 format

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Exporting through After Effects should be done via Media Encoder, as there is no direct AE plugin, only a MediaCore one, which is used by Premiere and Media Encoder. Direct export from AE is done via VFW (Video For Windows), which only supports 8-bit, that's why Media Encoder must be used.

VD2 should be able to convert though, what is the exact error you get?

In the meantime, I'll take a look at the file you linked.