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Worklow witch MagicYUV and PremierePro - Help needed!

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I ran into several problems using the MagicYUV codec with PremierePro and MediaEncoder. I tried to transcode a H.264 MP4 4k files from the GH4 into a lossless codec for using smart rendering and faster rendering previews and export. 

As for my understanding Premierepro is working in YUV and sending the image i see on my Monitor to RGB.  please excuse me for my (not) knowledge of whats going on with YUV and RGB, I try to keep it easy. I'm not understanding all that exactly.


But its clear for me, that if I transcode the MP4 to YUV 4:2:2 avi via MediaEncoder, I get files I can work with better in PP. Now my question. Why I can not choose between 8 bit, 10 bit and so on in MediaEncoder when I set the profile. Wehen I choose quicktime i have the option 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit . . ., but it wont transcode the files. Error every time. I want avi.files anyway, so why I can not choose 10 bit there, as I like? 

Or should I use RGB for transcoding?

Is YUV 4:2:2 10bit avi the right codec for me to work wit, for the best performance? 

After importing the MagicYU files into PP, it runs fine, but i wish to choose avi - MagicYUV 4:2:2 for storing my previews. Why it is not possible? Again, selecting quicktime in the preview settings as codec, i can store my previews quicktime YUV 4:2:2. But I do not want quicktime, I ran into several problems on my Windows Computer with that codec. It plays with black screen and no sound.

Is there a chance to import the preset 'MagicYUV avi' to PP for the Preview Settings? So that i can use the same codec as my footage?


I hope that anyone can help me. I try to figure it out for a few days now  and I can not get any further, especially since I do not fully understand the whole matter.


Sorry for my english:)


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Sorry for being so late with the reply.

I'm not sure exactly what format does PremierePro communicates with the codec, programs usually present/request RGB to/from codecs. To be sure about the formats you can enable the "Show tray icon" setting in the "MagicYUV VFW codec configuration" from the Start menu. If enabled a small green/red [M] icon will be displayed in the notification area on the taskbar and if you hover the mouse over it it will show what format does the codec compress/decompress. For more detailed information you can check "Enable logging" as well in the same dialog. If enabled the codec will write logfiles for each compression/decompression session with detailed information about what formats does it communicate with the app as well as performance details.

Now about deep color (10bit+): apps in general have very weak support for 10bit+ formats through VFW (Video For Windows - the interface used between the app and the codec for communcation). Most often apps have built-in hard-coded codecs which support 10bit+ formats, but generic codecs (like MagicYUV) are most often left out in the dark. This is an unfortunate situation.

Now sometimes it is possible to get certain apps to work with 10bit+ through generic codec interfaces. 10bit+ formats in Adobe products traditionally worked through the QuickTime interface only (hence .mov support only, not AVI), but as time went on it has gone more and more to the sidelines, and require manual config file modification of Adobe to work. More information can be found in this thread:  It is for After Effects though, so not sure if Premiere will work.

As for the preview, it is yet another situation. One of our users once ran into a strange situation where he couldn't select MagicYUV for preview, and it turned out that Adobe had a hard-coded list of codec FOURCCs that it allowed, and MagicYUV was not among them. More info about this situation can be found here: Question:  Answer:

Hope that helps a bit. Unfortunately as apps more and more went the route of direct integration of codecs into their programs, it is increasingly difficult for generic codecs like MagicYUV to support all the features of the apps as it is not a target for app developers to support generic codecs.

Please get back to me if you have any further questions.